Mum's 80th Birthday - Thursday 27th February 2003

My sister and I gave our Mother a small surprise party for her 80th birthday.  This was held at my sister's home.  The guests were Aunty Edie (Mum's youngest sister) and Uncle John, Uncle Sam (Mum's brother) and Aunty Muriel, Aunty Ann (Dad's sister), my niece Allison and sons Oliver, Edward and Henry, my niece Jenny's daughter Chantal and my cousin Terena and her daughter Ella.

Mum with a present
Sandra bringing in the birthday cake

Mum blowing out the candles
Mum and Aunty Muriel

Allison, Aunty Ann, Mum and Aunty Muriel
Uncle John, Aunty Edie and Uncle Sam

James, Uncle John and Uncle Sam
Ella, Terena, Oliver and Chantal

Henry, Sandra, Oliver, Allison, Mum, Chantal
Mum holding a balloon

Sandra, Allison, Mum and I

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