Ruby Anniversary Pictures

We went to The Red Lion at Woolverton on the Saturday evening with our sons and Mark's girlfriend. Our anniversary was next day on the Sunday and we went to Kevin's tea dance in the afternoon. Janet and John came for tea at 6 p.m.

Saturday evening
At The Red Lion at Woolverton

Cross Stitch Sampler that I stitched
The cake that I made

The table at the Paragon was decorated by our friends for us
Kevin plays the music for the tea dance

Standing by our anniversay cake
Standing by the cake

In the kitchen about to cut the cake
These people were sat on one side of the hall

These were the people sitting on our side of the hall
Kevin took this photo with us in it

Our usual table
Rose plant from Mandy and Louis

Rose plant from a group of dancing friends
John and Janet came to tea


Presents from Janet and John
Some presents

More presents
Gifts of flowers

Cards and flowers
Cards and flowers

Cards and flowers


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