Dancing Holiday November 2015

We stayed at the Victoria Hotel in Torquay in November 2015. There was dancing on four evenings and two mornings. We also went dancing between 4pm and 5pm on two afternoons in the Derwent Hotel. The Victoria, Derwent, Carlton and Toorak Hotels are all adjoining and we can use the facilities in them all.

Torquay sea front
Victoria Hotel, Torquay

Christmas tree in the reception

Christmas tree in the lounge area

Ballroom in the Derwent Hotel

Christmas tree in the Carlton Hotel
Another Christmas tree in an adjacent hotel
Christmas tree in the reception area again

View of the sea from our hotel room window
Richard Keeling playing the keyboard

The Pavilion in Torquay
Torquay Quay

Christmas market in Torquay
A Christmas tree in the town

Torquay harbour from a shop window
'Christmas Day' dinner

'Christmas Day' evening
Geoff, Jacqui, James, Shirley, Christine, Peter, Christine and Guy

Abbey Park
Christine and Shirley

'New Year's Eve' dinner
'New Year's Eve' dinner - Peter, Guy, Geoff and James

'New Year's Eve' dinner - Shirley, Jacqui, Christine and Christine

Jacqui, Geoff, Christine, Peter, Guy, Christine, James and Shirley

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