Dancing Holiday November 2017

We stayed at the Victoria Hotel in Torquay on 20th November 2017 for 4 nights. There was dancing on two mornings and four evenings. It was Turkey and Tinsel, i.e. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve.

"Christmas Day" morning

James, Peter, Geoff, Guy

One of the Christmas trees in the complex

Another one of the Christmas trees in the complex

And another...

And another...

And another...

My friends and I

The Victoria Hotel

Christmas tree in Torquay town

Dressed for dinner and Christmas Day evening

Carole and Richard Keeling

Christmas dinner


Torquay train station

Waiting for the train to Exeter

"New Year's Eve" evening dinner

"New Year's Eve" dance

"New Year's Eve"

Geoff, Jacqui, Christine, Guy, Peter, Christine, me and James

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