Featherby Junior School

Form 4A in 1962

Back row (left to right) Hayden Baldwin, Brian Keevil, David Spink, Richard Knowles

2nd row from back (left to right) David Summers, Jill Rees, Carol Law,  Janet Fisher, Carol Hughes, Anne Vian, Susan Evans, Martin Reeve

3rd row from back (left to right) Alan Eves, Susan Turner, Denise Johnson, Elizabeth Hook, Gillian Payne, Susan Rees,  Jane Russell, Jill Lampard, Shirley Hoose, Barry Ellen

4th row from back (left to right) Anne Wilcox, Janet Spells, Susan Best, Denise Collins, Dorothy Prior, Patricia Simpson, Sandra Williams, Jill Reed, Kay Meiszner

Front row (left to right) David Endicot, Nicholas Verrall, Timothy Nicholson, Ian Negus, Stephen Faulkner, Jonathan Chambers.


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