I began writing to my first two penfriends in 1965.  Joan was via the Diana comic and lived in Ipswich, Suffolk.  Sylvie is from France and I received her name from school.  The idea was to write half a page in French and half a page in English.  Later I wrote all in English.



Later I joined a penfriend organisation and received several names and my name was circulated to others.  Over the years I gained more and more penfriends.  I regularly correspond with Madeleine in South Africa, Sylvia who is Maltese but lives in Australia, Anneliese in Belgium, MaryAnne in U.S.A., Arlene in Israel, Agnes in Malta, Lena and Majlis in Sweden, Ulrike and Els in The Netherlands, Roma in Lithuania, Louise in Canada, Jocelyn in New Zealand, Connie in Denmark, Karin in Germany, Signe Therese in Norway, Itiya in Thailand, Denise in Wales,  Fiona in Scotland and Brigitte, Shirley and Janet in England.

I hear less frequently from Maria, Sylvia and Ilona in Germany, Karina in India, Shigemi and Noriko in Japan, Dorothy in U.S.A., Jane in Argentina, Janet in Rodrigues, Giacinta and Josephine in Malta, Isabella and Del in Australia, Sophie in Greece, Renate in Austria, Olga in Russia, Iona in Scotland, Yvette and Marie France in Belgium, Kati in Hungary, Muriel in Ireland, Helga in France, and Ene in Estonia.

I have met Joan, Sylvie, MaryAnne, Anneliese, Lena, Majlis, Ulrike, Roma, Connie, Denise, Fiona, Shirley, Maria, Ilona, Sylvia, Jane, Sylvia, Agnes, Giacinta, Josephine, Renate, Olga, Iona, Yvette, Helga and Karina.

I first met both Joan and Sylvie in 1972 and we have now met up on numerous occasions, which also included one another's weddings.  You can find more recent pictures of myself and Joan here.


First meeting with Joan in 1972
Most recent meeting in 2019

First meeting with Sylvie in 1972
Most recent meeting in 1999