Emmerdale used to be filmed at Esholt in Yorkshire and I visited it several times in the 1990's. It have been a closed set since 1998 when it moved to the Harewood Estate near Leeds but opened to visitors in 2016. The first episode to be filmed on the new set was screened on 18th February 1998 (Episode 2325).

The Emmerdale Studio Experience is a new visitor attraction in 2016 now open at the former ITV studios at Burley Road, Leeds.

Sharma and Sharma sweet factory
Road sign

Emmerdale sign
Café Main Street

The Woolpack
Outside Café Main Street

The Woolpack
David Metcalfe's shop

"Beauty and Bernice" Salon

Dingle and Dingle garage

"Dingle & Dingle" garage
David Metcalfe's shop

St. Mary's Church
The original church was burned down in 2002 by Zoe Tate
The Village Hall. The previous hall was damaged
by a helicopter crashing in to it in 2015

Emmerdale Club 25 Years sign
Emmerdale sign at other end of the village

Paddy and Rhona's Veterinary Surgery
Veterinary Surgery

Outside of the Emmerdale Studios

Coach tour to the Emmerdale Studios on 27/10/16
A backdrop showing the Emmerdale sign

Barnes Coach outside the Emmerdale Studios
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