My Cousins

The following pictures are of cousins from my mother's side of the family.

Back Row: Sandra and Shirley
Front Row: Alan, Kevin, Terena, Carol, Della and Brian
Back Row: Michael, Peter and Kevin
Front Row: Denise and Shirley
Barry and I

Denise, Peter, Pamela and Michael (siblings)

Denise and I

Back Row: Shirley, Terena and Kevin
Front Row:
Alan, Carole and Brian (siblings)

Della, Shirley and Susan

Back Row: Stephen, Della, Susan and John
Front Row: Aunty Edie and Uncle John

Back Row: Sandra, Shirley, Kevin, Anita and Debra
Front Row: Carol, Terena, Susan and Della

Back Row: Susan, Stephen, Della, David and John (siblings) and Kevin
Front Row: Terena,Shirley, Anita, Sandra

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