My Family

I have been married to James for 44 years and we have two sons.   Neil was born in 1978 and Mark was born in 1980.  They both work in computers at the same company near Devizes, Wiltshire.  James took early retirement from the Civil Service in December 2000.  He keeps busy with D.I.Y., using the computer and framing medals etc.  He retired from Trowbridge Lions in December 2012 after 14 years. 

I have one sister Sandra who is 5 years older than me.  She is married to Tom and lives in Rainham, Kent.  They have a daughter Tammy born in 1979.  Sandra has two daughters from her first marriage, Jenny and Allison.  Jenny is married to Derrick.  She has three children Lee, Sophie and Chantal, as well as two step daughters, Emily and Katie.  Chantal married Robert in December 2011.  In March 2014, with the arrival of Chantal and Roberts daughter Summer-Rose, we were able to have a photo of the five generations.  Sophie and Calum had a baby girl named Lilly in April 2015. Photos of the four generations can be seen here.  Jenny now has nine grandchildren as of 2019.  Allison is married to Simon and has three sons Oliver, Edward and Henry and a daughter Grace.

James has two sisters.  Diane lives in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.  She has a daughter Kirsty also born in 1979.  Kirsty is married to Kevin. Janet is married to John and moved to Trowbridge from Sussex late 2004.

I had 24 cousins on my mother's side of the family and 7 cousins on my father's side of the family. James had 11 cousins on his mother's side of the family and 5 cousins on his father's side of the family.

James Neil Mark

Sandra Tom

From left to right: Diane, Janet and James (July 2011)


Left to right: John, Janet, Diane,
James and Shirley (December 2012)

From left to right: John, Janet, Diane,
James and Shirley (June 2016)

Left to right:
Diane, James and Janet (June 2016)

Jenny and Derrick's wedding (27th Aug 2005)
From left to right: Chantal, Emily, Derrick,
Jenny, Lee, Katie and Sophie
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Left to right:
Grace, Simon, Oliver, Allison, Edward and Henry

Kirsty Janet John

Katie, Chantal, Jenny with Summer-Rose,
Sophie, Emily, Brooke (in front)

Allison, Sandra and Jenny

James, Shirley, Mark and Neil
Neil, Shirley and Mark

Jenny and Derrick
Simon and Allison

James, Shirley, Sandra and Tom
Sandra's great grandchildren