My Friends

My friends from Featherby Junior School were Dorothy and Jill.  Jill passed the 11+ and went on to Chatham Grammar School and Dorothy and I went to Woodlands Secondary School in Gillingham.  The three of us stayed friends and used to meet up once a week at one another's homes.  Other friends I made were Jean, Joyce and Valerie.  Friends from home included Muriel and Cynthia, Jacqueline, Anne, Maureen and Susan.  Later when I began working at Bowaters, my friends were Janet, Gill, Denise and Frances.  Later I met Margaret at the Court School of Dancing.  I still keep in touch with Jill, Dorothy, Muriel, Janet, Gill, Denise, Frances and Margaret now and see them as often as I can.  Some of them continue to live in the Medway Towns.

Whilst living in Fareham I became friends with Eileen, Mary, Mandy, Brenda and Bharti.  Our children attended the same school or playschool.  I try to visit each one of them once a year and Mandy and Brenda visit me every August.  We keep in regular contact via letters and occasional e-mails. 

In Hamburg, I became friends with Lyn and Irene also from England and Ronit from Israel and have kept contact with them.

Since moving to Trowbridge, the first person I became friendly with was my neighbour Mary.  Jeanette and I began going to ladies groups together.   Ruth shares the same interest in cross-stitching and card making as me. I usually visit her once a month.  Janet lives nearby.  Mary, Jeanette, Janet and I have children the same age who went to the Clarendon School in Trowbridge.

The majority of these photos were taken at my 60th birthday party, whilst some older ones are from our Silver Wedding party or another occasion around that time.

Muriel (2017)
Dot (2018) Jill (2018) Val

Janet (2012)
Gill Frances (2012) Denise (2012) Margaret

Eileen (2012)
Mary (2012) Mandy (2016) Bharti (2012) Brenda

Mary (2012)
Jeanette (2012) Janet (2011) Ruth (2016)